Press Releases and Informational Bulletins

Prior to the 2018-19 salary setting session we will notify the media (newspapers and radio and television stations) about upcoming meetings and public hearings. Those press releases and informational bulletins will be posted on this web site. You can receive this information by clicking contact us and requesting new press releases be emailed to you.

Here's the latest news story:

12/05/2017 – County pay scales look out of whack

09/11/2017 – Some Washington state legislators pocket thousands in extra-session expense payments 

05/20/2017 – Here’s what you’re paying lawmakers in Olympia to work overtime

05/20/2017 – If lawmaker pay is going up, why not workers’ too? 

05/20/2017 – Legislators getting raises for the next two years. Maybe they’ll earn them

05/19/2017 – Lawmakers, governor get a raise unless 129,811 people object

05/17/2017 – State politicians to get raises

05/17/2017 – Citizen panel gives Inslee, Ferguson 2% pay hike; more for Washington state lawmakers

05/17/2017 – State politicians to get raises

05/17/2017 – All state politicians are getting raises

05/02/2017 – Once again, unelected panel seeks pay hikes for elected officials

04/28/2017 – Pay Raises May Be on the Way for Governor, Lawmakers, and Judges

04/28/2017 – Raises proposed for governor, lawmakers despite gridlock

04/28/2017 – Panel considers pay raises for governor, lawmakers, judges

09/13/2016 – Gov. Inslee, other elected officials received pay increases

05/20/2016 – Group that sets salaries for state officials is under a cloud