Press Releases and Informational Bulletins

Prior to each salary setting session we will notify the media about upcoming meetings and public hearings. Those press releases and informational bulletins will be posted below. You can receive this information by clicking contact us and requesting new press releases be emailed to you.

Here's the latest news story:

02/10/2023 - Pay raises coming, a vote on vehicle pursuit reform may not

02/10/2023 - Pay raises for Washington state elected officials finalized for 2023 and 2024

12/06/2022 - Governor, legislators could see raises in 2023 and 2024

09/30/2022 - Washington minimum wage for 2023 to be $15.74 per hour

09/22/2022 - Projections lowered in latest Washington revenue forecast

04/19/2022 - Washington Lt. Governor calling for boost in state legislator pay

02/04/2021 - Pay freeze for Inslee and state lawmakers this year

07/06/2019 – As time expires, Eyman lacks signatures for anti-tax measure

07/05/2019 – Another Tim Eyman scam bites the dust: I-1648 fails to qualify for the November ballot

02/07/2019 – Unchecked state Salary Commission must be abolished

02/06/2019 – Salary increases approved for state government officials

02/05/2019 – Pay Raises Approved For Gov. Inslee, Other Elected Officials

02/05/2019 – Commission gives pay raises to governor, judges, lawmakers

02/05/2019 – Many state elected officials in line for double-digit raises

02/04/2019 – Commission approves pay raises for Washington judges, governor, lawmakers and others

02/04/2019 – State panel bumps up pay for lawmakers, governor and judges

02/04/2019 – State's top elected officials to get pay raises after commission vote. Eyman vows to fight

01/12/2019 – Braun asks commission to reconsider 18 percent raise for lawmakers