Press Releases and Informational Bulletins

Prior to the 2018-19 salary setting session we will notify the media (newspapers and radio and television stations) about upcoming meetings and public hearings. Those press releases and informational bulletins will be posted on this web site. You can receive this information by clicking contact us and requesting new press releases be emailed to you.

Here's the latest news story:

01/12/2019 – Braun asks commission to reconsider 18 percent raise for lawmakers

10/25/2018 – Whoa! Salary Commission's increases are outrageous

10/24/2018 – Oh, the hypocrisy: Well paid politician Tim Eyman doesn't want out elected representatives to get pay raises

10/24/2018 – Eyman latest referendum: States's top elected officials don't deserve pay raises

10/24/2018 – Proposed pay hikes for politicians are Eyman's newest target

10/19/2018 – Commission recommends pay raises for governor, state lawmakers and judges

10/14/2018 –  Judges, lawmakers and the governor in line for pay raises

10/10/2018 – Voters have zero say on pay hike for our state officials

10/03/2018 – 17 people will decide whether elected officials get raises

12/05/2017 – County pay scales look out of whack

09/11/2017 – Some Washington state legislators pocket thousands in extra-session expense payments