Testifying at Meetings

Our meetings are informal. Anyone can testify; however time is limited, so please be brief and direct. Written testimony can be distributed in lieu of oral testimony. If presenting written testimony, please provide 20 copies.

In presenting testimony, begin your remarks by addressing the chair and commissioners. Introduce yourself and whether you are representing yourself or an organization.

After your testimony, be prepared for questions and comments from commissioners.

We ask that you consider the following in preparing your testimony:

  • We are charged with evaluating the duties of the elected officials' positions, not their performance. Voters are responsible for evaluating their performance.
  • Issues that are appropriate for testimony and our consideration are those that deal with factors such as complexity of duties, the knowledge and skills required by the position, and the current or proposed salary.
  • Issues that are not appropriate for us to consider include the pros and cons of legislation, tax rates, policies of state government, personalities of the elected officials, and other topics not related to the duties or salaries of the elected officials.

Your input is needed!

Public comment and testimony at meetings is welcome and encouraged, we offer both virtual and in-person meetings at this time. Click on the meetings page for our schedule. If you cannot attend a meeting, the Commission would still like to hear from you. Click on the contacts page for information on how to contact us.