How the Salary Setting Process Works

We conduct the salary setting business every two years, we start in October of the even numbered years.

The next salary setting session will begin in October 2024. All of our meetings are conducted in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act and are open to the public.

Statute sets out the following process:

  1. The first step is to adopt a "proposed" two-year salary schedule. The "proposal" is then placed "on the table" for public input and comment. The proposed salary schedule is adopted at a public meeting in October.
  2. Public hearings are then held to provide citizens an opportunity to present testimony and comment on the proposal. These hearings are held in cities around the state to provide maximum citizen access to the decision-making process. State law requires that we hold no fewer than four public hearings. Individuals that are not able to attend a meeting or hearing are encouraged to send their comments via phone, mail, or email. Commissioners are very interested in hearing from you. Click here for information on how to send your comments to us.
  3. At the last public hearing held in February, a final two-year salary schedule must be adopted. It may or may not be the same as the proposal adopted in October.
  4. That salary schedule must be filed with the Secretary of State not later than the third week of March.
  5. The salary schedule automatically becomes law 90 days after filing with the Secretary of State unless a voter referendum petition is filed. Click on Salary Schedule to view the current salary schedule for the elected officials.

After the salary schedule has been adopted and filed with the Secretary of State, the Governor, the Legislature, nor the Commission can change or overturn the salary schedule. Only the voters can overturn a salary schedule through the referendum process.