About Us

Our Mission

To attract citizens of the highest quality to public service by basing the salaries of the state’s elected officials on realistic standards and paying them according to the duties of their office.

Our Mandate

To set the salaries of the elected officials in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of state government. [Washington Constitution, Article XXVIII]

Our Vision

A collaborative salary system that reflects the duties of the elected officials, has the confidence and support of the public, and is a model for other states.

Our Values

Making a difference in state government through:

  • Quality services provided with professionalism, pride, and creativity;
  • Leadership that is innovative and imaginative;
  • Careful and responsible use of resources;
  • Open, clear, and honest communication;
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement;
  • Respect between commissioners, staff, the elected officials, and the public;
  • Conduct that reflects integrity and the highest ethical standards; and
  • A work environment that attracts, develops, and retains high quality people.

We were created by an amendment to the state Constitution, that authorized creation of an independent, citizen commission to set the salaries of the state's elected officials. The constitutional amendment was passed by the voters on November 4, 1986.

The Commission was established in January 1987 to set proper salaries, that are appropriate for the duties, for the state's elected officials and to remove political considerations from the process.

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Salary Setting Process -- How the salary setting process works.

Salary Setting Authority -- Our salary setting authority.

Legal Authority -- The constitutional and statutory authority references that authorize our work.